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Musician  – I have been a piano player as long as I can remember. I was classically trained by a wonderful teacher in Colorado. I use the skills that she taught me in the creation of my songs.

Remixing Artist  – I have been remixing for several years. I am always honored when a musician asks me to remix one of their songs. I have remixed for numerous artists.

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Album Review: Depeche Mode “Speak and Spell”
Album Review: Depeche Mode “Speak and Spell”

I am often asked who some of my biggest influences are in the music world. I thought I would start by introducing you to the album that is the “it” album in my life. This album has been the biggest

New Nearfield Monitors
New Nearfield Monitors

I have lived in Memphis for about a year and in that time I have gotten to know David Halford of Halford Loudspeakers. He restores speakers, sells high end audio equipment and also makes his own speakers. I have been

My Restored JBL 4311wx-a Speakers
My Restored JBL 4311wx-a Speakers

About 2 months ago I was thrift store shopping in Memphis. It is something that I really enjoy doing. I was in a store when a happened to stumble upon a pair of JBL 4311 wx-a speakers in really good

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